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The Christmas I got a bike, my cousin Pauls hand downMy first bike Suzuki GT125 Twin60's and Early 70's wallpaper, TV and SideboardThe 425 Line test card I remember growing up with Bulldozer building our neighbours house in StockwoodCortina Mk III 1300 Frist Proper CarAustin Princess 1800 Camping in Cornwall

The rambling's of an old fart from Bristol, now living in California...

Well Hi and welcome to my site. Here you will find mainly a load of old rubbish. As I've got older (and older) I find it fun to write down all the tediateria that hangs about in my head, before I forget more of it. You're welcome to wander into my mental clutter or continue your personal quest for e-porn or whatever. If by some chance you know me, well beware, you might be in here; send me an email - I can always delete, add or modify you! But it'll hurt...

Anyway, the question isn't why would I write this, it's why on Earth would anyone read it?

Do you remember the 60's?, not really, give me a break I was only a nipper. But this is what I do remember...TV was black and white, only three channels existed and it was off for most of the day. Batteries were in cardboard tubes, at the pictures Usherettes had trays of Ki-Ora and a bloke showed you to your seat with a torch. You want more? You can't handle more...

Do you remember the 70's?

...ah, now you're talking. My teenage years. Hormones, under age drinking and bad poetry., .

Do you remember the 80's? (Under Constructed)

...yeh, but so does everyone unless you are a fetus. Plenty of sites for that already, I may ramble about this if I have time. I'll tell you this though, the New Musical Express did a big whinny article in the late 80's about how the music would never stand the test of time like the 60's and 70's. Yeah, right.

Vroom, Brummm and Whee!

...transport through the years. Starting with the feet, up to the current mid life crisis toys, every stage in between. All the wonderful, terrible, wheels I have owned. Suzuki GT125, Ford Cortina's (couldn't afford a Capri), Mini on bricks in the garden. It's all in the junkyard now, or so you'd hope.

Happiest Days of Your Life, My A...

...Fighting in the playground, conkers in the cloakroom, all the major trauma of life starts right here. my school days, all that I can remember anyway. Waycroft, Brislington, Ashley Down, Brunell tech, Bristol poly. Name a famous pupil, I dare you.

Wish You Were here?  (Under Constructed)

...probably not. Holidays, embarrassed with my parents, drunk with my mates or throwing up with my girlfriend. You look forward to it all year, from Benidrom to Megalaff, then you are home again, broke. Better start saving again for next year.

Toil and Trouble 

...Work, the curse of the drinking classes (oldie but goodie).  Mopping warehouses, testing disc brakes, inhaling solder fumes. All character building stuff. All the jobs that don't appear on my Résumé and never will.

The Alarming Adventures of An Apprentice in Aerospace 

...I got a bit carried away in the section above, so the further Filton fun facts features here.

Bars, Clubs and Dives Still Too Good for the Likes of Me 

...Ah, Bristol, where would I be without yer? All them places that aren't there any more, or changed names and became a wine bar. Funny thing though, Bristol is actually converting old Banks and Shops into bars these days, a trend I approve of.

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Nope, not California, Cornwall 2007Yeh, that's me...Cornwall, Back to the Roots Tour with the kids in August 2007. Also, if you like old movie posters, try Hm, any more adverts I can get in here? The Guinness in CJ's bar up the road isn't bad...


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