Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2008 2:17 PM
Subject: Remember 60s:

Mark, thanks for the memories. I can still remember, now that you have reminded me, the Page three calendar with the flashing Christmas LEDs.
Roger Slade pushed your ramblings on to a lot of us a few days ago. Most of us are still alive! The guy you couldn't remember in one of your pictures was (and still is) Jim Watkins. I still go out with him most Sundays cycling and get bladdered on the Bristol to Bath cycle track. Roger is still an aging rock star. Scott Mitchell has lost his beard, and acquired a heart bypass. Others in your shots were Mark Ellins, Frank Tichborne, Chris Davies and others even I can't remember.
We all still meet up every Friday for several swifties in a Bristol pub (The Victoria in Chock Lane -Westbury) so if you ever venture this side of the pond do look us up.
I have attached  a picture from one of our fairly recent walking adventures for you to reminisce over. L-R me, Jim, Scotty and Ken
Thanks for a jolly good read
Ricky - now known as squeaky (something to do with my high pitched voice)


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