So, You Collect Stamps eh?

No, I don't. However, I have a few. A couple were given to me but mainly as result of a instant stamp collector scam I replied to in the back of a comic, here is what I have.

This story is in 60's section but basically I was lured in with the the promise of freebies. When my free stamps arrived they were accompanied by others "On Approval" that I was supposed to pay for if I wanted to keep. Well, I never did pay for them and I still feel vaguely guilty about this. This is balanced by my annoyance at them knowingly scamming kids reading comics.

So, since I have the attic space here in cyberworld, here they all are. I have this fantasy that they will turn out to be worth a fortune but since they are mainly foreign I doubt that very much. If you collect stamps, this will probably give you a good old laugh...


majstroystva 60 h ceskoslovenski 2.jpg (66984 bytes) bohaterom polska 60 gr.jpg (58864 bytes) zamordowandym polska 60 gr 2.jpg (59333 bytes) neues ddr 20.jpg (85442 bytes) leipziger 10 ddr.jpg (87541 bytes)
majstroystva 60 h ceskoslovenski.jpg (65434 bytes) majstroystva 30 h ceskoslovenski.jpg (70389 bytes) zamordowandym polska 60 gr.jpg (61836 bytes) meksyk 1968 polska 40 gr.jpg (54036 bytes) meksyk 1968 polska 30 gr.jpg (55182 bytes)
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